Spark Up!

Creativity and Expression

Book Specification | Storybook  220x265mm (40 pages) 

                                     Art Book 257x380mm

                                     Coloring Book 250x285mm

Age | 2~6

Composition | Storybook (30 volumes)

                           Activity  Book (2 volumes), QR Video 

Fostering Children's Creativity and Expression

Knowing how to express one's emotions and thoughts is crucial in the modern world. Children can boost their self-esteem and confidence by learning how to express their thoughts, desires and emotions.

Under the supervision of an Early Childhood Education Professor Chung-Aug University, <Spark Up! Creativity and Expression> is divided into 3 steps:1) Observation, 2) Appreciation and 3) Creative Expression. This 3 step curriculum fosters children's creativity and expressions. Children can develop their aesthetic sensibility and expressiveness through stories, End-of-Book activities, and Activity books <Spark Up! Creativity and Expression> is filled with various expressions and illustrations, helping children develop creativity and imagination in a fun way.

Let us broaden children's spectrum of expression with <Spark Up! Creativity and Expression>!


Various Expressions to boost Self-expression and Creativity 

<Spark Up! Creativity and Expression> shows physical and artistic expressions for children who face difficulty expressing themselves in language. It broadens a child's expressiveness through various expressions such as synesthetic metaphors, Painting, fashion design, gestures etc.

Synesthetic Metaphors

▲ Vol. 16 < Anything More Delicious Than This? > 

Use synesthetic metaphors to express taste with different senses such as sight, touch, etc.


▲ Vol. 30 < How Do I Look? > 

Use various art techniques to express one's appearance or characteristics.

Fashion Design

▲ Vol. 14 < I will Become a Fashion Designer > 

Express one's thoughts and feelings that come to mind when we see animals through fashion design.


▲ Vol. 10 < I Want a Cat > 

Observe the cat and express it through various gestures.

The 'Before Reading This Book' part, in front of the page, contains a Guide for Parents and includes some Intriguing Questions for children. Check this part first and increase the utilization of your books!

Various Illustration Techniques and Interaction Activities

<Spark Up! Creativity and Expression> stimulates the aesthetic development of children and enhances creativity with a variety of illustration techniques, including engravings, collages, and stamping.





Dyeing and Sewing


Computer Graphics

Pen-and-ink Sketch


▲Vol.7 <A Secret Visitor>

Find Hidden Pictures : Where Are Animals?

▲Vol.3 <Three Friends and the Dark Lord>

Find Harvey : Who;s the Real Harvey?

▲Vol.7 <A Secret Visitor>

Illusions:Where is upstairs and downstairs?

End-of Book Activities and Workbooks to develop Creativity 

 End-of-Book Activities to Learn the Expressions Covered in the Book

▼ Vol. 11 <Round, Spiky, Colorful My Heart>

▲ Following the Expressions

As a fox expresses his mind with paintings, like wise, the children can develop expressiveness by drawing their own emotions.

▲ Utilizing the Expressions

Develop children's creativity by drawing own pictures through understanding how the characters in the story felt

Workbook to Broaden the Spectrum of Expressions and Creativity

Creative Expressions Art Book

Creative Expression Art Book contains art activities linked to each volume. It can be carried out with materials that can be easily obtained in everyday life and can be easily copied through QR video.Children can complete their own works and develop their creativity and expression while freely expressing their imaginations.

Creative Expressions Coloring Book

Creative Expression coloring Book contains of 20 famous paintings. Also, through QR videos, children can build their background knowledge on famous paintings and appreciate them for their aesthetics.

Observation (10 Vols.)

Appreciation (10 Vols.)

Creative Expression (10 Vols.)

Activity Book (2 Vols.)

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