Twinkle, Twinkle

Thinking Star 

Book Specification | Storybook 220x260mm (40 pages), 
Bonus Book 250x320mm (56 pages) 

Age | 4~10

Composition Storybook(41 volumes), 

                        Bonus Book (2 volumes), 

                        QR Video

Essential Knowledge Packed into Fun Stories

Expand children’s knowledge with Academic, Creative, and Experiential picture book series. 

The series presents essential knowledge in a creative way. Unlike other knowledge books that simply list facts, this series combines knowledge into the plot, making children think and broaden their mind. QR videos in each book help children deepen their understanding. 

Complete with end-of-book activities and bonus books, this series is a “must-have knowledge picture book” to help children grow creativity and thinking skills.


Essential Knowledge Told Through Fun Stories  

Each story contains essential knowledge for children, helping them naturally gain knowledge through reading. In addition, extra information on the concepts introduced through the stories help children organize and expand knowledge.

▲ Vol. 33 <Olympic Games of Dong-dong Kingdom> 

Children can learn about various sports in the Olympics with people in Dong-dong Kingdom who’s attending the games for the first time 

▲Vol. 23 <Let’s Go Camping!> 

By following a group of children preparing a family camping by their own, children can learn about various information technologies and how to use them


Engaging Flaps and Interactive Elements Drawing Children’s Interest   

Reading becomes more fun in  with flaps and various other interactive elements children can play with during the story.

▲ Vol. 33 <Olympic Games of Dong-dong Kingdom> 

Open a television-like flap to check interesting facts on the history of the Olympics. 

▲ Vol. 24 <Space Olympics> 

Open up the invitation letter to see where we’re headed next


QR Videos: Solve Curiosities and Learn Facts the Fun Way  

QR videos in the main stories offer interesting videos solving children’s every day curiosities. Children can have fun while learning various facts.

▲ Vol. 18 <I Want to Live in a Clean Place!> 

A situational play of a Star-man, a knowledge hero, helping a child with a problem gives children a chance to learn everyday knowledge.


End-of-Book: Build Knowledge and Thinking Capabilities  

End-of-book helps children review & apply the knowledge gained through the main story. ‘Knowledge Box’ reviews and gives extra information on the concepts learned in the story while ‘Think+’ helps children apply the topic with creative thinking skills through fun activities.

1) Knowledge Box  

▲Vol. 33 <Olympic Games of Dong-dong Kingdom> 

Children can take a photo of themselves and do make-up over their faces to experience knowledge more vividly 

▲ Vol. 25 <Alien Bbiri and Numbers>

Think back on the arithmetic planets visited in the story and review what they were

2) Think+

▲Vol. 28 <Solve Knowledge Jar Questions!> 

Use ‘brainstorming’ technique to make your own pattern 

▲ Vol. 16 <What’s Wriggling in My Body?>

Use ‘Synectics’ technique to imagine by combining plant and me


Bonus Books: Build Creativity & Logical Skills with Rich Knowledge

Bonus Books comprises of two books helping children build creativity and logical skills.

1) Logical Thinking Skills

▲ Vol. 43 <Think Champion>

Through fun stories, children can experience and build logical thinking skills such as observation, comparison, categorization, ordering, and deduction.

2) Creative Thinking Skills

▲ Vol. 44 <Moving Store>

By reading, children can understand and learn various creative thinking process skills such as changing characteristics, imagining, changing thoughts according to nine questions, etc.

Language (6 Vols.)

Society & History (6 Vols.)

Nature & Environment (6 Vols.)

Science & Technology (6 Vols.)

Logic & Math (6 Vols.)

Arts & PE (6 Vols.)

General (5 Vols.)

Bonus Book (2 Vols.)

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